Traffic Lawyer | Careless – Dangerous driving

drink driving lawyerAlistair Haskett is an expert traffic lawyer, specialising in defending driving offences such as careless, dangerous and reckless driving – including non-injury, injury and death cases.

It is important to get legal advice on these types of offences.  It is often possible to defend these cases successfully.  Not all driving allegations match the type of offence motorists are charged with.  Often the police simply cannot prove the motorist drove in the manner alleged or was at fault.

The law does not require you to drive to the standard of perfection.  The law recognises that accidents do happen and we all get caught out by unexpected circumstances.  Even if you were too eager or made a mistake it may still be possible to defend the charge or have it reduced to a lesser charge.

This is an area of law that Alistair Haskett specialises in.  He has successfully defended many cases and as significant knowledge in crash scene investigation and forensics.   See ROAD LEGAL ® for more information and contact Alistair at Road Legal Ltd.

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