Alistair Haskett – Profile

Alistair Haskett lawyerAlistair Haskett is a member of the New Zealand Law Society and hold a practise certificate as a barrister and solicitor.  Alistair owns and operates two incoporated law companies, Road Legal Ltd and Legal Defence Service Ltd.  Many other defence lawyers practise as barristers sole, meaning their clients must use an instructing solicitor.

Alistair has acted in the District Court and in the High Court, as sole counsel or as part of a defence team, in cases such as manslaughter; rape; importation, supply and possession of drugs; forgery; burglary; serious assaults; firearms charges; disorderly behaviour; wilful damage; drink driving; and, all types of traffic offences.

Alistair acts regularly in the District Courts at Auckland, Waitakere, North Shore and Manukau.  He has appeared in some 40 different District or High Courts throughout New Zealand, from Kaikohe to Invercargill.

Alistair has appeared in many appellate courts, in the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.  These appeals include appeals against conviction, sentence, bail and pre-trial challenges, with successful results in many cases including on wrongful conviction, statutory procedures, breach of rights, unlawful arrest, unlawful search, invalid warrants, police entrapment, and trespass by police.

Alistair graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Laws, which included postgraduate papers in Forensic Science.  He also has a background in business and management.

Alistair’s postgraduate papers in forensic science allow him to bring a critical mind to issues relating to DNA, fingerprints, chemical and drug analysis, and all range of forensic evidence.  His experience in motorsport, mechanics and the heavy transport industry gives a practical understanding of evidence in many traffic cases.  This experience provides an invaluable platform when dealing with expert witnesses in the forensic science and crash investigation fields.

Most importantly, Alistair is dedicated and relentless.  He strives to ensure that no stone is left unturned and to achieve the best possible outcomes.