Alistair Haskett | Expert Drink Drive Lawyer

Alisteair Haskett | Expert drink drive lawyer

Alistair Haskett is an expert drink drive lawyer and has successfully defended many clients facing charges such as excess breath or blood alcohol, refusing a blood test and failing to accompany police.

Alistair has been recognised as a leading drink drive lawyer by judges, prosecutors and other lawyers.  Comments about Alistair by judges include “the best drink drive lawyer in Auckland” and that he “knew the area of law relating to drink-driving extremely well”.

Click here to see information on Alistair’s expertise and more than 100 examples of his successful results.  Alistair’s experience is matched by his passion and dedication to getting the very best possible outcomes for clients.

Expert advice can make a real difference.  Drink drive law is a highly technical and specialised area of law.  Don’t let anyone tell you there are no or only limited defences to drink driving charges.  That is simply wrong.  The Supreme Court has said that police will only be given “limited dispensation from the very specific requirements” imposed on them when testing a motorist.  Expert advice can highlight many procedural, fairness and rights-based defences, even if you were over the limit.

Do consider getting expert advice on whether you can defend drink driving charges and avoid a conviction.  There are many potential defences.  While you may feel in the wrong morally, there is a significant difference between that and being found legally wrong.  A criminal conviction for drink driving is forever.  Many people who are caught driving over the limit are regular people who have made an error of judgement.  Most do not need a criminal conviction against their name to learn from their mistake.  A criminal conviction can have very real consequences beyond the immediate sentence and disqualification, such as issues with employment, travel, memberships, licensing, insurance and family.

Alistair is happy to discuss the possibility of avoiding a conviction or disqualification, or both.  See ROAD LEGAL ®  for more information and contact Alistair at Road Legal Ltd.

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